Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ramping up to CES 2013

An example of an invite to a cocktail party at CES
It's that time of the year again -- done with the turkey coma and on to the Christmas shopping and New Year's champagne with a culmination of a tough and rewarding year of work at our jobs.

It's time to getting psyched about CES 2013 in Vegas.

What biggest change do I see forthcoming in our working space?
Proliferation of touch enabled ablet pcs in our workspace. PC at the desk, touch enabled tablet at meetings, lunch and in the evening.
Here's what I'm sure to see at CES this year

  • 1080p HD phones
  • Bigger, Thinner TVs
  • Obnoxious 3D TVs and Cameras
  • 4x HD devices
  • New Tablets and Touch enabled Laptops
A lot of this is the regular annual junk that's sort of boring.

Here's what I'm looking forward to this time:
  • Our team at Wannabtechie is growing a bit more and so three of us are heading that way this year including our new lifestyle specialist who will post on the blog before we go up there for work
  • See what interesting software and interaction environments will emerge prior to the democratisation of tablets in the workplace
  • Convergence of DSLRs, Mirrorless, Compacts and Smartphones
  • Smarter Toys
  • Next Generation Consoles (Xbox 1080, PS4?)
  • Generally have fun in Vegas
  • Maybe we'll go check out Grand Canyon


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